Originally from France, Laurence moved to Brasil 10 years ago and since then has been involved in the Voodoohop collective. A Macaca (literally the female Monkey) emerged during the Voodoohop Party as a performing entity that toys with contradiction and expectation.

Her identity is in constant mutation, playfully transforming between animal and human, masculine and feminine. Blurring the boundaries between public and performer, she connects with her surroundings by dancing, feeding the floor as if it were a big fire, the music; the wood found on her path and her mixing; a way to adjust the intensity of the flames. Her mix oscillates between tension and release, surfing on the waves of harmonies and hormones.



  • released digitally on Voodoohop : Entropia Colectiva II (July 2018)

  • EP "J'écris" Released digitally on Frente Boliviarista (April 2018)

  • Track released on vinyl in Japan (November 2017);

  • Track released digitally on Voodoohop : Entropia Colectiva I (June 2016);

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