Dj, producer, remixer and sample manipulator, BirdzZie it’s a portuguese with a global soul rhythmated by the organic and electronic beats of the most diverse corners of the world. 

BirdZzie grew up immersed in a musical environment that included the radio, records and cassettes. Amateur radio broadcaster and selector from an early age, began his activities as a professional dj in 2008, travelling between a big miscellanea of musical styles. That year moved to Brazil and began to produce music, working with soundtrack and audiovisual instalations, besides being a part of the original formation of the Voodoohop collective and the revolution of São Paulo’s underground scene. Eight years later, releases by Tropical Twista Records his first EP, "Futuro Ancestral", that with much nostalgia and research forge the first registers of a dive in the portuguese ancestry.

Today, back to Portugal to the ascending Lisbon’s cultural scene, he is strongly influenced by the chants and rhythms of regional and traditional cultures, that build his own musical identity. On the other hand electronic manifestations of the contemporary also fascinates him, trying to experiment between these two imaginaries. 

Recent activities and highlights:

  • German Summer Tour 2018: Berlin, Larz, Hamburg, Frankfurt
  • Fusion Festival 2018 @ Salon de Baile
  • Summer South America 2017/2018: Argentina, Brasil
  • 2017 Tour: Netherlands, UK, Germany, Portugal


  • Remix of "Wakanda" for Jack Essek released by Shango Records
  • EP "Ninho" released by Tropical Twista Records 
  • Remix of "Miniyamba" for Yeahman released by Shika Shika Records 
  • Remix of "Kerala" for Pedro Martins released by Casa Caos Records
  • Remix of "En Tu Puerta Estamos Cuatro" for Diabo a Sete released by Tropical Twista Records & Casa Caos on the Compilation "Mvndivagante"
  • Remix of "Rosas Bandidas" for El Peche released by Tropical Twista Records
  • EP "Futuro Ancestral" released by Tropical Twista Records

Tour Dates

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