Ágatha Barbosa (a.k.a. Cigarra) is a DJ and producer grew up in the dense underground scene of São Paulo and participated in the effervescence of its parties and festivals as well as in the original formation of the renowned Voodoohop and co-producer of Roda de Sample Project, a live and experimental "sample jam". A decade ago, she explores unique sets, research of plunderphonics and copyleft, unveiling a popular, peripheral, contemporary and global culture.

In 2016, she released the EP "Límbica" and in 2018 "Ato", by Tropical Twista Records, a label where she is also the director of the exponent of the female compilation Hystereofônica, which more than 40 women involved. All her potentialities and her focus on female expression inspire a legion of women singing singles on their track.

Recent activities and highlights:

  • Summer Euro tour 2018: Nantes, Berlin, Larz, Paris, Colónia, Croácia, Lisboa

  • Soundtrack for the performance "Masturbar" (10th Berlin Biennale)

  • Summer South America 2017/2018: Argentina, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Brasilia e Porto Alegre.

  • Soundtrack for the play "Prantos Invisíveis" in São Paulo (2018);

  • Summer Euro tour 2017: Viena, Paris, Berlin, Barcelos, Lisboa

Festivals: Universo Paralello (2012), Fusion (2012-2018), Visual Brasil (2016), MIL (2017), Milhões de Festa (2017), Festofen (2016), Isla (2017), Katzensprung (2018), Goulash Disko (2018)


  • EP "Ato" (Tropical Twista - 2018)

  • EP "Límbica" (Tropical Twista - 2016)

  • edit for "die RUHE - NOMAD" (Kybele Records - 2017)

  • track "Mar Délico" (Quiero Recordings - Compilado #5 Latinoamérica Unida)

  • track "Ponteio" (for Devaneio compilation by CasaCaos - 2017)

  • remix for "GYRL - Amygdala" (Drosssel - 2017)

  • track "Baileia" (for 𝚞𝚗𝚜𝐛𝐞𝐚𝐭 compilation -2017)


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