Ground is an Osaka native, but his soul is traversing the planet and befriending kindred spirits found in humans, animals and plants. Picking bits and pieces of whatever feels right and good to him he creates an ethereal garden of sound with no discernible barriers. People from Osaka are jokers and are happy when people around them are laughing. The love ground expresses through his music is so intoxicating that even when foraging into darker territories we cannot help but smile with child-like curiosity.

He started Djing as a teenager and played all over Japan with Osaka's underground music scene as his base, Ground is one of the founder of the Chill Mountain collective and also has a whole numerous releases on various labels all over the globe such as Multi Culti, SVS,Frente Bolivarista, Sounds and Colours, Most Excellent,Magic Wand, Bokeh Versions, SVS Records, Feelback Records, Tropical Twista Records, Boomarm Nation Family,RNDM...

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