Psilosamples is the musical project of Brazilian producer Zé Rolê, composing reinterpretations, remixes, mixing traditional Brazilian culture music with other sounds. Make part of his references electronic music, hip hop, rave, psychedelic culture,scientific theories, and especially techno music concepts.

Recently, Psilosamples participated in events and festivals in Brazil and around the world, such as Eletronika / BH, Voodoohop / SP, Bomba Club @ Krakow/ Krakóvia, PlacZabaw / Warsaw (Poland), SONAR - São Paulo and Barcelona editions, FUSION Festival (Germany) and Norte Sonoro (Tijuana / Mexico). In 2012 was released his third album: Mental Surf. In Brazil, it was released by music label Desmonta, and in Japan, distributed by Octave / Ultravibe records.

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