Sample machine. Instant collages. Mashup. Ready-made. Digital macumba. Psychedelic punch. Livesets deconstructing and compounding tunes of Balkan, african, brazilian ritualistic sounds, japanese flavours, funk carioca, assorted cumbias, old folklores,  and other beats creating a fusion of musical styles. Fresh & live.

Sample colector from a wide range of regions and folklores, R Vincenzo works compounding and mixing different music backgrounds, resignifying and producing new atmospheres, melting organic and electronic sounds, live, in multi-processed audio layers.

Co-producer of Roda de Sample project, live-composition and experimental 'sample jam'. 

Recent activities and highlights:

  • 10 gigs Japan Spring Tour (May 2018);
  • Live soundtrack for the contemporary dance piece "A la recherche du____" in Brussels and Marseille (2018);
  • Summer tour 2017: USA, France, Germany, Hungary, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, Croatia;
  • Played in Fringe Musique Festival, in Montreal (2016);
  • One of the 10 selected artists worldwide to be in the Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs program, inside Pop-Kultur Festival at Berghain, Berlin (2015);
  • Played in many events and festivals across Brazil, Japan, Finland, Germany, Argentina, Turkey, Czech Republic, USA, Canada, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Latvia, Portugal and Poland (2013-2018);


  • EP released specially for Japan record stores, by Calentito Records from Tokyo (Japan 2018);
  • Second vinyl EP 12” released by Sähkö Recordings from Helsinki (Finland 2017);
  • Vinyl EP 7" produced for the german label Laut & Luise (Germany 2015).
  • Produced a track for the debut album of the brazilian transgender artist Linn da Quebrada (2017);
  • Track produced for the vinyl release of Voodoohop Collective in Japan (November 2017);

Tour Dates

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