Multidisciplinary artist birthed in Niterói, Rio de janeiro. Gama distorts and combine genres, environments and cultures in order to create a dream-like patchwork narrative that contain all shades of numerous spectrums. organic natural to highly industrial electric sounds, brings androgynousity to a unusual perspective.

The live performance is the main act of Gama’s mishmash. it is an alchemical rite to transform their own musical pieces, soundtracks and recordings into a seam of diverse moods and energies. Any sound particle is a reason to keep on the hypnotic electroacoustic batucada. 

Projects and Hightlights

  • Soundtrack for VJ suave Virtual reality installation "Floresta Encantada"
  • Live soundtrack for VJ Suave Waterfall performance (2018) 
  • Soundtrack for Tapume by Muamba Estúdio (2017) TV ONLY  
  • Soundtrack for Entulho 


  • Album "Microscopic cookbook " released in cassette tape by Chill Mountain records (Japan, December, 2017)
  • EP "J'écris" Released digitally on Frente Boliviarista (April 2018)
  • Track produced for the vinyl release of Voodoohop Collective in Japan (November 2017);

Tour Dates

Past Dates