As one of the founders of the multidisciplinary art collective Voodoohop, Thomash became deeply involved with the art and music scene of São Paulo, Brazil and over the years, all over the world. South american elements mixed with contemporary electronica are the essence of his work creating the feeling of being in a comfortable psychedelic dream.

Guided by a hedonistic attitude that stimulates individual and joint freedom of expression, his sound is a clever and unpretentious mix that combines slow melodic techno, krautrock, synthesizer layers, psychedelia, dub and ritualistic tropical rhythms.

Born in Germany, he lived in Brazil for 10 years which allowed him to absorb the exotic multicultural latin roots and combine them with the precision and minimalism of german electronic music.

Curiously, he also has a degree in artificial intelligence, which allows Thomash to create a unique style full of oddly spaced percussion and detuned synthesizers working within their own logic, as if in a machine-learning universe.

Using his programming skills he developed tools that allow him to harmonically mix acoustic samples with live synthesizers and drum sequencers resulting in a unique hybrid between live and dj set that is always pulsing, changing and evolving.

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Thomas Haferlach - Medium

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