Thomash has  set  up  one of  the  most influential nights in the bazooming Brazilian scene  with  the Voodoohop  party,  a  fusion of tropical psychedelia, groovy hypnotic electronica, off-beat percussion and a pinch of hedonism. A lively mix that no doubt has its genesis in his transplanted German roots  (he's  from  Cologne  aka Kompakt­ville).  He plays a very versatile mixture between live and dj set, using various controllers, drum machine and a good measure of dub delay.

Interestingly; Thomash has a degree in artificial intelligence, so while it might just be our imagination, it does seem that the rhythms, full of oddly tuned percussion and colorful synth stabs seem imbued with a distinct internal logic, playful forms that bounce off each other in their own reality, according to their own laws.


Recent activities and highlights:

  • 10 gigs Japan Spring Tour (May 2018);


  • EP released ...

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